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Fund Solutions offers a range of intelligence, investigative and asset recovery services across all international jurisdictions. If you have been a victim of an internet scam or organized fraud such as investment fraud, cryptocurrency scams, fake online forex trading or securities fraud, we have an international team that has recovered millions of dollars in assets for clients. For further information or to discuss assistance, contact Fund Solutions today.

The threat of cybercrime is one of the most defining issues of modern times

For many years, IFW Global has been investigating, exposing and disrupting financially motivated criminals and cyber fraud syndicates in all parts of the world. We deliver valuable protection through targeted cyber intelligence operations, covert surveillance operations and by regularly referring intelligence and evidence to state, federal and international law enforcement agencies.

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Asset Recovery

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Success Stories

Tony Camilleri Investment Scam

I engaged Fund Solutions to pursue my investment of AUD $1.8 million in a boiler room share market scam. Fund Solutions tracked down the fraudsters involved in my investment scam and had them arrested in the Philippines. We subsequently were able to freeze all their assets and negotiated a financial settlement which resulted in the return of all of my invested funds and recovery expenses. This was a life changing experience for me to recover my investment and restore my financial position. Thanks to Fund Solutions for their relentless pursuit of the criminals involved.